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App-based Lessons in Less than 3 minutes


Lessons that fit learners' attention spans!


Gamified learning.  Score points, level up, & unlock achievements!


Complex concepts split up and simplified into short tutorial videos.


We Compensate Professors 
to Review & Approve Lessons
and discuss with us

it's easy & based on your existing expertise 

Are you a professor in the Life Sciences?  Open to technology in the classroom?  We make the reviewing & approval process easy.  We'll help you review our video content in minutes and hold discussions to create video content in only 2 or 3 hours!  Chat with us for 5 min and we'll explain & answer all your questions about the process.    Read More Details Here

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Free for students in the Developing World

Educators on a Mission to
Make A Big Impact

 Across the Globe


What is LearnDx Global Development?

An interesting fact that many people in the developed world don't know is that a large percentage of students in developing countries already have smart mobile devices including phones and tablets.  When educators work with us, their content is shared, free of charge, with students who do not have the resources to pay.  The LearnDx Global Development Fund helps make sustainable progress in education in developing countries such that for each subscription of a professors content that is purchased, one subscription is given free of charge to a student in a developing country.

From Premed to Medical Provider our goal is to connect knowledge starting ground up and across the globe. 

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We create content from the Ground up...
It simply means we start with building blocks in the life sciences such as basic anatomy and physiology.   As we develop future content we will create fastest pathway to disseminate knowledge effectively.  The end point? More Medical Providers from OB/GYN and cardiology to highly specialized areas such as ophthalmic surgery.   How do we spread across the globe?  LearnDx Global Development Fund. Help us make a big impact, from the ground up and across the globe.

Our Misson

Created with Credibility

by experts, just like you

Why are Experts, like you, essential?

Did you know that 50% of students are deeply concerned about misinformation online?  In a world where anyone can publish anything, credibility matters.

Finding credible content can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.   Students spend precious time searching for content scattered around the internet.  The worst part, is that misinformation - once learned - can be very difficult to unteach.  Students often times will stick with what they've learned first, instead of what is accurate.

Our core authors have designed and developed a system that will inspire confidence and is always improving.  We'd love to show you exactly how it works!  Schedule an info session today.

Leadership Team

Dr. Roy Arogyasami MD

Retinal Surgeon -trained at

Columbia & Johns Hopkins


Dr. Richard Atkinson MD

Forensic Pathologist - trained at

Columbia & Cornell

Dr. James Davis MD

Neuro Pathologist - trained at

Harvard & Columbia

James_PicPlaceholder_shutterstock_1691071180 (1).jpg

Dr. Susan Arogyasami MD

OB/Gyn Surgeon - trained at

    Wash U. & EVMS

Our Team

Level up with
the intelligent app

with visualized & gamified learning 

What subjects does LearnDx cover?

LearnDx covers Life Sciences and uses beautifully animated videos to explain fundamental concepts in anatomy & physiology, general biology, and other fields in the life sciences ie: cell biology, organic chemistry, evolution, and more.  We go step by step and explain each concept in a clear fashion and have an extensive question bank to ensure that knowledge is locked in.

What makes the LearnDx app intelligent?
The LearnDx App is intelligent because it uses artificial intelligence to measure & analyze each student's performance and find the optimal time to repeat the lesson.  This helps make learning fast and we've made it "game-like", aka gamified.  Learners score points, level up and unlock achievements as they go.  It’s actually really fun!

LearnDx is also socially intelligent.  You can see your friends and view their progress; however, all personal results are kept private.  This is because it's important that learners work together and encourage each other to keep growing and focus on progress over performance.

LearnDx App
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See Students Succeed
the knowledge you share

visualized every step of the way

What can LearnDx help me see?

LearnDx makes it easy to see each invidual students progress through lessons and assess their accuracy, speed, and focus levels as they are progressing through every piece of fundamental content.  LearnDx acts as an ideal supplement to your lectures & standard free textbooks OR use LearnDx as a substitute for high-priced textbooks that give students a low return on their investment of time & energy.  With LearnDx Teacher Tools you can get granular - it divides up knowledge so that it's easy to identify each student's issues and it track progress to keep motivation high

How do Teacher Tools help students succeed?
LearnDx lets you focus on the area each students needs help with.  You are able to see exactly where each student may be struggling on the most fundamental and essential areas of learning.  Our question bank contains thousands of interactive questions that are tracked intelligently.  Each Fast 3 minute Fundamental Lesson is split up into even shorter segments so we can pinpoint exactly where a student is struggling down to the second.  Step in and help students past their sticking points - focus your energy where it counts.  .  

Social Reinforcement for
Serious Growth

The thing that makes us strongest is our friends.

When you ask students what they truly enjoy - the most common answer is "spending time with friends and family."  This is no surprise; we are social creatures and we need and desire attention & acknowledgment from others.  At LearnDx, we are passionate about helping students take it to the next level and clearly communicate what they have learned, and collaborate with others.  From an evolutionary perspective, as a species, we evolved socially to form tribes, it's only natural for us to want to work & learn together.  LearnDx values privacy and keeps results such as accuracy, speed, points, and focus scores private to ensure no one will shy away from learning.  Other elements such as Lesson Progress, meaning lesson history and consistency of learning are shared so that Learners are encouraged to stick with the process!

Because LearnDx is structured in Q&A format it's optimized to help you communicate what you've learned with others.  What does this mean for the future?   Students develop into professionals that can communicate effectively and collaborate in teams.

Public Progress.png

What Are Learners Saying?


Tiffany E

I would much rather learn out of LearnDx than the textbook!  Textbooks were really hard for me personally to get much out of.  

ED sub - shutterstock_1079732942.jpg

Erica D.
Nursing Student

LearnDx is simply amazing! The way its broken down makes everything so easy... I wish all my classes were like this, I feel like with the [LearnDx] app I can learn anything! 


Ashley H
Lead Tech

LearnDx makes it so much easier to learn.  There are things that I understand now that I could actually easily teach back to others that I never would have understood out of a textbook."


Shannon C.

I love how LearnDx turns learning into a game so that there’s actual motivation and a bigger goal… it seriously makes me so much more invested in learning more and making progress.  I'ts so much better than textbooks! 


Arianna C.

The way things are broken down into smaller lessons and everything is presented visuall really helps understanding.  Then when you get the questions its actually fun because its like a game.

We Compensate Professors

Review & Discuss with us
it's easy & based on your existing expertise 

Just watch our video content, approve if you think its accurate, and have a discussion with us and we'll help create Whiteboard or Talk to the Camera videos that explain a handful of your personal "pearls"; authors can expect to earn $2000 or more for their contributions and training in learning technology.  It's incredibly easy because our content creators work with you via video chat to make sure you look and sound amazing. 

Why is it Easy? 

It's easy because it only takes 2-3 hours of a guided interview and your lessons are pearls that you already teach and can easily explain without preparation.  We literally walk you through every step of creating amazing content.  We can do it together over video chat, or if you prefer, you may do it on your own.  No video editing or computer expertise is required.  We'll take care of all the complexities so you look great.

What topics can you talk about?

Anything you think is important!  Your content gives texture to the lessons you have reviewed and approved which were developed by our LearnDx Video Editors.  Our fundamental lessons go over all the basics and have beautiful visuals.  Your lessons you add in details as you focus on applications & examples that you feel are important for your students.  The benefits of your focused lessons built on top of our fundamental framework of interactive lessons are priceless.   Give us your pearls, and get paid to see students succeed.  Let us show you, it's simple, easy, and fast.

Our focus is on the Life Sciences & Pre-Health pathway which includes topics such as Human Anatomy & Physiology, Cell Bio, Gen Bio, Organic Chem, Physics as well as much more.  We will be expanding to additional fields in the near future.  At LearnDx we bring learning to Life... Sciences!

Suggest Prof shutterstock_200546537.jpg

Students, Suggest LearnDx to your teacher

... and make Learning Fast, Fun, & Easy

Do you know a professor who may benefit from using LearnDx in their classroom or authoring for us? Let us Know!


Teachers who sign up get the benefit of an improved reputation for excellence in teaching with technology, the prestige of authoring academic work, and compensation for giving us amazing content. You get the benefit of knowing you've helped others and received a free subscription for life and some students may receive financial compensation also (depending on state & local regulations).

Students Suggest LeanDx

Feel Free to Contact Us

Contact Us


  • Teach with Effective Tools that are enjoyable and engaging to students

  • Get Paid for Authoring Lessons through our easy-to-use platform

  • Track Progress easily to help students in areas they need most

  • Promote Student Accountability through consistency measurements

  • Prestige from Academic Publishing


  • Learn Faster and Memorize easily

  • Have Fun in the process of learning

  • Stay Organized and stress less.

  • Communicate Knowledge Clearly

  • Serious Return on Investment in your Education

  • Collaboration with Friends promoted over competition


  • Maximize Revenue by Retaining Students

  • Improve Reputation for Didactics and give a visible ROI for each student

  • Decrease Recruiting Costs by Word of Mouth student referrals

  • Improve Accessibility with on-demand flexible learning


  • Future Physicians, Surgeons, & Scientists trained to communicate knowledge & answer your questions

  • Better Training with Enhanced Accountability for Better Outcomes

  • Less stressful, so Experts are less fatigued & more compassionate.  

  • Collaboration promoted over Competition means experts work together.

  • Make a Big Impact in the developing world with LearnDx Global Development Fund

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